Critical Points of Difference

What makes Real Allergy Solutions stand out? Qualities like ethics, experience, and a successful patient-first track record. Before initiating or continuing allergy care in your practice, consider our critical points of difference:

Professional Depth

We bring confidence to care through our board certified allergists, scientists and medical professionals on staff.

Custom Solutions

We’re not one size fits all. Real Allergy Solutions simply helps you do what’s best for your patients, rather than promoting a particular diagnostic product or therapy. Whether diagnostics and treatments, clinic implementation, or consulting, Real Allergy Solutions offers solutions designed to meet your needs.

Therapies Standardized for Proven Outcomes

Therapies and treatment plans must be standardized for safety and proven outcomes. Real Allergy Solutions therapies are compounded in a licensed sterile compounding pharmacy compliant with USP Chapter 797. Some “allergy” companies do not comply with USP Chapter 797. Rather, they ask you to take the regulatory risk and legal liability for their nurse to mix your patients’ therapy in your office.

Straightforward and Fair

Real Allergy Solutions does not take shortcuts. We won’t shackle you with long-term contracts. There are no hidden costs and no risky fee-splitting schemes. Instead, our foundation is excellent services at fair value – a simple but proven concept that works for you and your patients.

No Risky Business

Some “allergy” companies tout a “no out of pocket” allergy lab solution for which the practice will reap huge financial reward. As you know, if something is too good to be true, it usually is. Getting a percentage of collections for patient referrals entails considerable risk. Any proposed business relationship where a percentage of the revenue for allergy testing or treatments is paid back to the physician has risk under federal Anti-Kickback. Smart doctors don’t consider these types of options in business, but some may not read the fine print; so please act carefully when someone mentions, “joint venture”, “no-risk”, “huge profit”, “outsourced billing”, or “money paid out of collections”. Regardless of the program (allergy or otherwise), these are red flags. Proceed with caution and get legal advice.

No Fine Print

Our relationships with clients are built for mutual benefit, with patient care at the forefront. With Real Allergy Solutions there are no hidden costs and no hidden risks. With Real Allergy Solutions there is no fine print. Period. Meanwhile, other “allergy” companies require complex long-term contracts. While seizing the majority of your collections for years, some companies require onerous competition covenants both during and for years after your agreement.

No Loss of Control

Real Allergy Solutions provides guidance, not takeover. We give you the tools that will help you succeed. But some “allergy” companies require that you open your books and give them your codes so they can bill for your services. Some require that reimbursements go into an account from which they can withdraw your money.

Safety in Administration

Real Allergy Solutions complies with AAAAI guidelines pure and simple. Some other “allergy” companies are content to expose your practice to possible legal action by providing non-AAAAI sanctioned treatment protocols. Some even send patients home to self-administer injections. Indeed, the Office of Inspector General has stated that injections should not be administered at home because of the risk of inadequate recognition and treatment of systemic reactions. Sending patients home with shots entails huge clinical risk and goes against every practice parameter.

In Vitro Diagnostics

Real Allergy Solutions offers state of the art invitro diagnostics in our certified reference laboratory or in your office. Some “allergy” companies only offer percutaneous testing delivered by their nurse in your office; a one-dimensional approach that may not be in the best interest of your patients.

Patient Education and Personal Action Plans

Real Allergy Solutions offers patient-focused services to give allergy sufferers a better understanding of their condition and treatment. This means increased compliance and improved outcomes.

Consulting and Planning

In addition to medical professionals, our business consultants and executive team have decades of experience in health care management and administration. You can have access to financial performance resources helping you track key performance indicators. We can monitor quality assurance with routine audits and statistical management.


With Real Allergy Solutions, your practice doesn’t have to worry about supply sourcing, multiple vendors, or other complexities. All products and services are easily obtained through our simple web-based order system.